Parched? Thats how you will feel in the dessert land of Ladakh. Undoubtedly, water is a must.

But for our beautiful and sophisticated nature, sustainability is top most.

  • Please make sure you carry your bottle with you, as refill is available almost everywhere, from cafes to houses. People are very helpful and will welcome you always.
  • Carry a litter bag. Please collect all the litter in the bag and then you can easily dump it at the property you are staying or waste bins of cafes or wherever spotted. If you are camping, please carry your waste to next cafe or any commercial property on the way. Anything that is left behind goes flying with the wind to the top of our pristine mountains from where we receive our potable drinking water. Hence, waste is quite a threat to this environment, its inhabitants, human and animals alike.
  • Speaking of animals, the fauna in Ladakh depends on a very suitable food table for their survival of the harsh winters of Ladakh. Please refrain from feeding them or going too close for the safety of both. Click them and enjoy watching from a safe distance. This way we show respect to their environment as well 🙂

COVID protocol: Please carry a negative RTPCR report for the safety of yourself and the community. Also, the use of masks and sanitizers is appreciated. Please dispose any masks or gloves responsibly.

* Another point of huge importance is, Ladakh has a rich Buddhism culture where everyone is treated with warmth and equality. The amount of respect you will receive will be overwhelming. In return, we can do our part by respecting their religious building such as Stupas and Monasteries by being peaceful and keeping the environment clean. Also, please refrain from touching or stepping or writing/damaging in any manner, for any religious property. Many a times you will find huge and wide walls of stones, those are walls with ancient Buddhist scriptures engraved on the rocks. A lot of organic shaped stupas or an assembly of stone also is included in this list of religious structures. We would be really thankful.