‘JULLAY’. This word will warm your heart and surroundings instantly the moment you greet everyone with “Jullay”. For a place that is a cold dessert, the culture is warm and rich. As scenic beauty pleases your senses, so does the cultural practices. If one wants to learn about the culture of Ladakh in detail, that is also available.

Another point of huge importance is, Ladakh has a rich Buddhism culture where everyone is treated with warmth and equality. The amount of respect you will receive will be overwhelming. In return, we can do our part by respecting their religious building such as Stupas and Monasteries by being peaceful and keeping the environment clean. Also, please refrain from touching or stepping or writing/damaging in any manner, on any religious property/establishment. Many a times you will find huge and wide walls of stones, those are walls with ancient Buddhist scriptures engraved on the rocks. A lot of organic shaped stupas or an assembly of stone also is included in this list of religious structures. We would be really thankful.